My name is Luphelo Lucky Buyaphi and I’m a POPUP learner doing Computer and Office Administration. This is my story of before and after POPUP (People Upliftment Programme).

I lost my parents at a very young age, so I had to start working to care for me and my siblings. I was working part-time while busy with my high school studies. When I completed my matric, I immediately started working full-time.  When the money started coming in, I felt like I needed to make more so me and my siblings could have a decent life. I slowly became obsessed with getting a lot of money without realising it. I thought money would bring me happiness and I pursued it. I started working two jobs, a day job and a night job. Still I wasn’t satisfied with the money, so I started getting into crime and ended up in prison.

Luphelo Lucky Buyaphi:

My POPUP Story

My priorities moved from fancy living to knowing God. I began pursuing God more than anything. When I was released from prison, I had to choose between  going back to work or acquiring a new skill and more knowledge about God with an organisation that is run by God-fearing people. For the first time, I did not choose money.

“My priorities moved from fancy living

to knowing God"

Going to POPUP turned out to be the best choice I’ve ever made in my life.  The first two weeks of Life Skills at POPUP were the best and will always be in my heart. My experience was life-changing. Some of the most valuable lessons I learned were about purpose. Success is not based on what you have or how much money you have, it is actually walking in God’s perfect plan for your life. God wants us to work hard and earn our living in a decent way. He wants us to be content where we are. He doesn’t want us to be stagnant. He wants us to prosper in all we do, but we should enjoy what we have.

I’ve left the POPUP premises and going back to the world, but I’m not leaving the organisation. POPUP will always be in my heart, and I’m coming back to sponsor POPUP in the future. I am confident that going into the world, with the skills I learned at POPUP and most importantly the relationship I have with Jesus, I’m going to conquer every challenge that will come my way. I’m happy to say I have found direction, and very sad to think that I’m leaving, because this place has become like a home to me.

I’m very thankful for all that I’ve learned at POPUP. I’m also thankful to all the sponsors who are contributing to the progress of this organisation. POPUP will always be in our hearts and prayers.

Lucky was placed by POPUP’s Placement Centre and started in a procurement position at Mesure Facilities Management (Pty) Ltd on 17 November 2014.  Lucky is saving for his part-time studies to fulfil his dream of one day becoming a Charted Accountant.  Just to think if Maeve, the lady that referred Lucky to POPUP on 14 February 2014 while he was still serving his sentence in jail never saw the potential in this young man, he might as well have fallen back in his old criminal ways.  If you can make a difference in someone’s life through referring the person to POPUP for Skills Training, do it today, contact Nerésa Vogel on neresa.vogel@popup.co.za for more information.




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