A Legacy of Restoration – The Hallmark of a great leader

So, what then shall we conclude? What is the measure of a man? How do we summarise his life and accomplishments? These are the final questions in our analysis and exploration of the exemplary leadership of Caleb the Brave.

We explored the why (POPUP-202203-Give me that Mountain) and the what (POPUP-202204-MountainOfGiants-vs2) of his journey. We even unpacked the how (POPUP-202205-When Giants Fall-The impact of leaders with high SQ). Ultimately though, his life and actions find meaning in the ‘so what’. What was the consequence of this brave man’s ability, nay, willingness to ‘see differently’?

The Resounding Legacy

From his conquest three critical future events unfold that shape the fabric of the region:

  1. He brings wholeness to the region – a city on a hill with hope as its light.
  2. He inspires a man to follow in his footsteps. This man, Othniel, becomes one of the first judges of Israel. Thereby upholding justice and restoring what is broken.
  3. Ultimately, when his people are confronted with a giant once more, it is his tribesman, David, that rises to the occasion. This same David becomes king and moves first to Hebron.

This one man inspires countless others to stand up for what is right. His bravery helps others to see that giants are vulnerable. A culture emerges in his tribe that echoes for generations – ‘we are Giant Slayers’. From this fold a king emerges to finally lead the Hebrew people to complete the conquest of the promised land.

Virtues of a Whole City

What Caleb set in motion was something far greater than even he could imagine. By restoring the city of Hebron as a ‘friendly society’ he created a flourishing place. People who live in such a city understand what it took to get there. They drove out the giants, restored the injustice, addressed the pain.

This activates a virtuous cycle that continues for generations. A city filled with people who understand their identity, live their destiny, and contribute positively will not accept anything less from their leaders. The more people there are in the city that understand this, the better the leaders get, and on and on. It activates a sort of ‘immune system’ that protects this city against anything that aims to undermine the wholeness they have achieved.

Virtuous Cycles in our Cities

As we learned from Caleb, we discovered a couple of incredible organisations that are restoring our cities. We are inspired by their work. Take hope, many Caleb’s live among us, perhaps you could be one too.

  • Brave to Love

A group of people that boldly serve woman in sex trafficking. They rescue, recover, rehabilitate, restore and re-integrate those that have become victims of abuse, poverty, crime and slavery. They reach out, create safe spaces, and offer opportunities to these victims to create a better life for themselves.

Learn more about them here <https://bravetolove.org/>

  • Lifting Dreams

Lifting Dreams aims to build healthy communities by getting the kids in the communities of Mamelodi, Soweto and Potchefstroom to engage in a variety of sports and academic activities.  Every child they help is one less statistic.

Get involved <https://liftingdreams.co.za/>

  • Anchor of Hope

Through restoring the dignity of vulnerable people with projects and programmes, Anchor of Hope focusses on upliftment, development, restoring dignity and humanity, and providing a sense of worthiness and purpose to homeless people.

Support Anchor of Hoper <http://anchorofhope.co.za/>

What is it that determines the measure of a man? Perhaps it is how much better he left the world than he found it.

It takes one City Changer to shift the narrative. You are Caleb!

Redeem the city! #beone


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