Advice Centre

All potential learners are registered at the Advice Centre which is the start of their journey at POPUP.

We start with a consultation process which helps us to establish background, goals and intent, we then assess functional literacy and numeracy levels, this gives us the information that we need to guide potential learners on the best developmental route for them to follow.


You will need the following to Register:

  • A copy of last grade passed results
  • A copy of your ID
  • A copy of your CV
  • Proof of Payment

What Else is Required?

  • AGE: Only people between the ages of 18 and 45 years are accepted.
  • Writing a Pre-Assessment will ensure that the learner will be placed in the correct programme.
  • An interview for selection purposes will take place.
  • Non-refundable R150 fee to be paid before Life Skills (Foundataion for Life) Programme begins.

What is Included?

  • The learner will attend an additional 20 days (4 Weeks) Life Skills (Foundation for Life) Programme.
  • Access to medical and counselling services.
  • Daily devotions.


    Prior to any learner entering a skills programme, learners attend a 20 day Life skills programme which consists of – Foundation for Life programme, (15 days) and the Crafting My Future programme (5 days).

    ​Foundation for Life focusses on the restoration of the individual.

    The programme equips learners with practical coping skills, and they are taught that their lives have purpose. A Christ-centred foundation is laid in their lives, resulting in changed morals and values. Learners trained at POPUP enter society as changed people who can make a difference in their communities, among family and friends and a future working environment.

    Learners leave POPUP with the knowledge that their lives have a purpose and meaning and that they can have hope for a better future.

    Life Skills

    Foundation for Life

    This Biblically based, Christ-centred programme is compulsory for all learners to attend before any Skills  Programme at POPUP can be attended.

    Continuous Personal Restoration (CPR)

    POPUP also journeys with their learners from a spiritual point of view, whilst attending their respective skills programmes.

    Workplace Readiness

    The third component of POPUP Life skills programme concludes their journey at POPUP prior to the certificate ceremony, by means of a Workplace Readiness programme.

    Soft Skills

    Adult Education & Training

    The AET is the foundation training for all learners that do not meet the minimum requirements to ensure they are ready for any Skills Programme.

    Computer & Office Administration

    Learners who complete this programme will be qualified and equipped as: secretaries, admin assistants, clerks and/or receptionists.

    Early Childhood Development

    This will equip you to work as an assistant at a nursery school, crèche etc. and you can also start your own day care centre.

    Hospitality Services

    You will learn basic principles to service guest accommodation, food preparation methods and hygiene principles in the kitchen.

    Call Centre

    POPUP’s Call Centre skills programme is a hands-on programme where learners with Grade 12 certificates are trained in basic Call Centre skills.


    You will learn to cut out garment parts using a commercial pattern and source appropriate materials. As well as sewing, finishing and pressing the garments.

    Home Based Care​

    You will learn to perform basic life support (first aid) and provide and implement primary health care as well as providing frail care etc.

    Technical Skills

    Basic Welding

    Basic introduction to welding in order to equip learners to be able to weld using various techniques used by the industry.


    Basic introduction to bricklaying in order to equip learners to build structures from the foundation up.  Learners will build masonry superstructures using solid and hollow units.


    After completion of this Skills Programme learners are issued with a 2-years forklift licence and may be employed as a Forklift Driver.

    Clad Roof Trusses

    Basic introduction to cladding roof trusses using a variety of techniques including tiles and corrugated iron.

    Erect Roof Trusses

    Basic introduction to erecting roof trusses in order to equip learners to be able to build a roof structure for any type of house.


    Basic introduction to laying foundations for any household structure and laying concrete slabs.

    Iconic Plumbing

    You will learn how to install sanitary appliances and to install, test and maintain hot water supply systems. As well as installing and inspecting below ground drainage systems etc.


    Basic introduction to plastering in order to equip learners to be able to plaster internal and external walls.


    Basic introduction to scaffolding in order to equip learners to erect various types of access equipment.


    Basic introduction to painting in order to equip learners to be able to paint various structures using a variety of techniques.


    Basic introduction to tiling in order to equip learners to tile wall and floor tiles in any area of a house.


    Basic introduction to glazing in order to equip learners to be able to fit windows to any type of window frame.


    Basic introduction to paving that will equip learners with the skill to lay various types of paving stones in various settings.


    Basic introduction to carpentry in order to equip learners to build wooden structures used in houses.

    Health & Safety

    Basic introduction to workplace safety as well as the prevention and treatment of workplace injury.

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